Mistress Alice Loves To Put Sissies In Chastity

March 20th, 2013 by admin

You may not be aware that most Mistresses and professional domes have specialties. There are things they are interested in and things they are not interested in. I want to introduce you to Mistress Alice. She is one of San Francisco’s up and coming Mistresses. She has been feminizing boys and men since she was 12 years old and dressed her brother in her training bra and panties. Feminizing men is one of things that brings her great joy in her life. She loves what she does and it shows in her first movie with us.
Mistress Alice has a very special treat for certain sissies that have been attracted to the idea of being put in a chastity device and give up control of their penis and their orgasms. Alice is the “key holder” for three sissies currently and one of them is Sissy Bobbie. In the upcoming movie you’ll see Mistress Alice release Sissy Bobbie after having him spend 180 days in chastity with no orgasms except for the nocturnal emission that that occurred three months ago. After that many days in chastity the penis becomes very, very sensitive and especially fun to play with.
If you have this interest then this movie will show what it’s really like to experience this in the loving hands of a wonderful Mistress. Here’s a few picture to give you an idea of what to expect in the movie.

Sissy Pinky and Me

March 20th, 2013 by admin

Hi My Lovelies,

I just want all of you to know that the final clip of me and Sissy Pinky has now been uploaded.  You can see the full movie of me feminizing one of more mature sissies. He’s transformation from man to sissy is quite remarkable if I do say so myself. I’m very proud of her first feminization session with me. Here I am with Pinky in front of a full length mirror. I love putting my girls in front of mirrors like this so they can see them selves as I take my pleasures from them.

I must say the Pinky was one of the most sissiest of my many sissies. So much lace, frills, ribbons and bows. She looked like a confection!

Join My Site and Become My Submissive

January 21st, 2013 by Mrs Loving

I have had so many requests for email feminization trainings that I have decided to offer that to new members of my site. If you join my site and send me your subscription number for verification then you and I will enter into a Mistress submissive relationship. The nature of your training will depend on your needs which will be discussed in the first emails we exchange.
You will be required to do verifiable home work assignments to further you along your journey. Photos, without faces, if you like, will be required to document your progress toward becoming a proper submissive sissy ready to fill my hearts desires.


Mrs Loving

Let Me Introduce You To Arika

January 20th, 2013 by Mrs Loving

Ms Rain has been busy again. She just finished her first session with a new sissy trainee. This new trainee is Arika and she much different than all the other sissies the two of us have trained over the year. Arika wants to live her life as a woman. This is something she has desired since she was a child. Recently, she reached a point in her life and career where she could make her dream come true. Under a doctor and therapist care she has been under going hormone and laser hair removal treatments. Her skin is now very soft and pretty and her breasts are beginning to grow and are becoming more sensitive.
Arika lived in the world as a man but at home she was all woman. For years she had been dressing up in secret learning what lingerie to wear and what style dresses looked good on her. She learned to do her make up and how to style her wig. She had feminine dainty heels and could walk gracefully in them. It was 3 months ago that I received her email telling me all about her as well as her desire for to help her be the prettiest woman she could be. Arika also had a deep interest in exploring her need to be submissive to a dominate woman. I let her know that I would be very interested in undertaking her feminization process if she were willing to let me film it. We also agreed that she would commit to several session so that my members would be able to see her progress.
Arika like many transgendered women had not a full range of sexual experiences. It will take time to get her comfortable and feeling safe and supported. That’s the most important first step because when a sissy can feel safe and cared for then she will be able to surrender more and more of her masculine will. With each breath of willing surrender her feminine sissy self releases it’s fears and it’s truest desires and passion come out and play.
I decided to have Ms Rain begin her training. Ms Rain has her special way of indoctrinating a new sissy and I want Arika to experience this before we meet in person for the first time.
You’ll enjoy watching this movie. Arika has been instructed to bring her pretties dresses and lingerie and model them all while Ms Rain offer her opinions.
If you have ever had fantasies, thoughts or desires to be girl you should see this movie.

January 18th, 2013 by admin

Well, My Dear Sissies,

Mrs Loving has had a very exciting holiday season. Besides being with family and friends I met and began the training of Sissy Pinky. Sissies come in all ages and sizes. I am aware that most of the sissies on my site are young so I thought it was the time show a training of a mature sissy. Sissy Pinky and I emailed several times. He told me he loved getting all pretty and dressed up but that he had never shown this side of himself to any other person. It was touching to hear his story of being excited and lonely at the same time.  After joining my site and watching my movies he felt that I would be gentle and sweet compared to the other Mistresses her had read about. He was so very nervous that he needed to be comforted and to know that he would be safe and cared for if we did a session together.

He came to San Francisco last week and Rikki filmed a nice long video of Sissy Pinky’s first ever time to dressed up in ribbons and bows and be seen by another person. It was quite a session. It took time for her to relax but with attention and care she began to open up, relax and let her inner sissy out to play. Once I had her dressed and in make up and hair she blossomed into a little slutty tease that need some direction. We both had a lovely time for our first meeting and looking forward to the next one.

Frilly bra Sissy brought with her

Putting her into her pink satin and frilly garter belt

Hear she is with Make up and hair worshiping my panty gusset

Join Mrs Loving’s site and get FREE access to PantyClub4Men.

November 16th, 2012 by Mrs Loving

Hello My Sweet Lovelies,

Many of you know that the movies on my site are produced by Sissy Rikki. Sissy Rikki and I have been very good friends for years and I have enjoyed working with her. She and her wife joined me for a feminization session and we all had a wonderful time. Sissy Rikki also produces all the movies on PantyClub4Men.com.  If you haven’t had the chance please take a peek at the tour. You may see some of your favorites there like Monika and Allyson. You’ll also find many movies with Sissy Rikki and his wife. They have a very special relationship. She fully accepts, approves and encourages his crossdressing. She even knows how much Rikki loves to play with other crossdressers so she approves of his having sex with other sissies. Rikk’s Wife, Mrs, even films her sissy husband sucking and playing with other men in panties and lingerie.

Join my site right now and you will get FREE access to PantyClub4Men. Together our two sites have over 100 hours of homemade, authentic crossdressing and sissy videos featuring several women enjoying their crossdresser’s excitement, crossdressers playing with each other in their panties and lingerie, pantyboys playing with their panties and each other. There is much to see!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from PantyClub4Men.

Playing With Our Sissy

November 1st, 2012 by admin

Ms Simone and I have been been feminizing sissies together for many years. Some women like to go out for tea or lunch with their girlfriends. some go shopping together. Ms Simone and I love to get together to play with and enjoy our sissies. Here are a few pictures from our last feminization session. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed ourselves.

Ms Simone Fingering sissies ass while Mrs Loving milks his clitty cock

Sissy on hands and knees getting a milking

sissy cock fully exposed for Mrs loving and Ms simone

Mrs loving teaching sissy about a woman's pussy and how to touch and lick it

Two Milkings Photos From Clip 3

September 27th, 2012 by Mrs Loving

Here’s a few more pictures to keep you hard in you panties while you look at the tour of my site. My members have seen the most interesting feminization sessions. Take some time to read my blog and my response to comments from readers. I think you’ll find something special.

sissy getting cock sucking training

sissy has four hands miking his cock

sissy gets finger in ass while being milked

Two mistresses with dildo in sissies ass jerking her cock

One Crossdresser-Two Mistresses-Two Milkings Clip 2

September 10th, 2012 by Mrs Loving

Hello All You Delicious Sissies.

I hope you are alone, comfortable and wearing your favorite pair of girly panties because you are going to feel the desires to touch yourself when you see these photos taken from my latest feminization movies with Ms Simone and Sissy Allyson.

You know that i love to tease my sissies in a loving and gentle way. They always respond with great enthusiasm. In this clip I tell Ms Simone that Sissy Allyson gets very very excited when he can sniff panties that a woman has been wearing all day. Ms Simone quickly took hers off and smothered Allyson’s face with them while I played with her excited cock. We then laid her down on the table, put the panties on her face and had our way with her.

sissy cock is being inspected by two femdom mistresses

Mistress take her panties off to put on sissies nose and face

breathing in Ms Simone Pussy smell excites sissy

moist damp panties ready for sissies face

some mistress are playful and nurturing

Letter I Received From Young Sissy

September 5th, 2012 by admin

I just received this lovely email from a young man that found my web site. I think you’ll find it very interesting. I also invite you to send me an email with your story, your passions and your sissy desires.

Dear Mrs Loving,

I was 11 years old my first time dressing up as a girl. When my parents went to work I put on my moms white laced panties, white laced bra and skin tone tights. My cock got hard as soon as I took off my boy clothes and opened the closet to get those nice girly panties. Then i sat down in front of a mirror and did my makeup. I’ve put on some powder, red lipstick and used red nail polish. I sat in front of the mirror a while longer admiring myself. I never before felt so pretty. I went back to my moms closet and put on a long, light brown dress and a pair of high heel boots. My heart was racing of all the excitement. I walked around the house for some time before going to bed and touching myself. I tried really hard not to squirt in my moms panties, but i just couldn’t help it. All of a sudden my hard clitty cock exploded inside the panties.
That was my very first sissy experience. After that I took every chance I got to dress up as a girl. Throughout the years I developed a lot of fantasies and most of them include a mistress. The thought of me dressed as a girl, kneeling before my mistress and worshiping her femininity is something I always dreamt of.

I’m 25 now, and I saw a short clip of you and your two sissies on the internet. I was stunned by your beauty and both your sissies were very pretty. I imagined I was one of them, obeying your every word, belonging to you. That’s why I decided to visit your web page. I thought I will just get a nice erotic experience, get turned on, experience a strong orgasm, but it ended up being so much more than that. I always felt putting on panties and dressing up as a girl is something I do in the privacy of my home to feel pretty and get excited. To feel good for an hour or two. But while reading your blog, I came across something you said that really puts things into perspective for me.
Quoting: “…It’s also important to note that when a boy, young man or a grown man is standing before me hard and erect in frilly sissy rumbha panties then that is to be consider undeniable proof that he is indeed a sissy. No real man would ever be erect if he were wearing panties.”
I realized that wearing girly clothes is not something I do, it’s who I am. I am a Sissy! Thank you Mrs Loving for making me realize that. There is nothing I wish more than surrendering myself to you to feminize me. Unfortunately I live far far away from San Francisco, but nevertheless I hope we can stay in touch. I know you are very busy so I can only hope you will find the time to write a young sissy like me.
I don’t have a sissy name yet. I would be eternally grateful if you would honor me by giving me a name.

Dearest Sissy,
Thank you so much for this very heart felt email. It makes me so happy to know that my site has been such an important part of your progress toward sissyhood. I would be happy to name you but I would really need to know you much better. That way I can choose a name that will fit you and your girly personality.

Please stay in touch with me regarding your on going femininzation.

Mrs Loving