I'm A Mature Mistress That Loves To Dominate, Transform and Feminize Sissies For My Own Pleasures

What You'll See In My Movies

Mature Women Dominating Sissies And Crossdressers

Men And Boys Put Into Panties And Lingerie And Milked

Sissies Trained Anally With Dildos For Cocks

Sissy Milking and Orgasm Training

Submissive Sissy Forced Milkings

And So Much More

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What a Woman!
written by xponent, October 21, 2011
Mrs. Loving is a very feminine and beautiful woman; I am all man but I will wait until I can marry a woman like her!
written by Billys, January 17, 2012
Monika has grown into someone that shows her acting skills, and her excitment in being herself.
written by Denise, April 10, 2012
My Lady, Can you do a set with the girls all bound in girdles?
written by TyCobb, August 24, 2012
I do adore you and your site, the scenarios are so much more subtle and mostly focus on the words and voice and how they are spoken (the most erotic part of a fantasy and most difficult to get right) and I try to fully support it by staying a member, but I do find the updates for what are really shorter clips of a longer feature are rather infrequent compared to most other sites (most sites like this update short clips of a long piece once a week, rather than once a month), so I find it difficult to justify the cost of membership over several months t essentially download one film, however wonderful it may be...

All this is to say that I would love to see more updates on a more frequent basis, perhaps weekly, with short clips. Again, I think you're wonderful (and Mrs. Rain is amazing and so seductive), but find that I sometimes have to drop out and wait for a few months, rather than staying logged in as an ongoing member. Thank you for your attention to detail and great site which enriches our lives.
Showing off sissy Alyison
written by billy6, November 13, 2012
Renee, you have a hit on your hands!! All three actors in this film, show a great deal of talent. Alyison is second in line only behind Monika. Mrs. Loving continues her knowledge of how the male sissy should be control, but along with that..how the male sissy should be reawarded. One could tell from the film how Alyison reacted to the peneration of her bottom...you could see it in her sudden movement, almost a gesture that she wanted more, a deeper peneration...while being made to control her ejectulation.
Ms Raines Returns
written by billy6, January 04, 2013
Enjoyed the movie very much. I feel Allison is becoming a very defined actor. The content of the movie was excellent. Allison at different times actually seemed frightened of Ms Raines, no disobeying here!! Keep up the excellent work Renee!!

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