Sissy Lauren’s Maid Training

What a lovely time I have had in the past weeks. I’ve just complete filming my latest feminization session with Sissy Lauren. You will remember Sissy Lauren when she was sent to me because she was caught wearing and playing with herself in her auntie’s panties. We had quit a session that day that ended with Sissy Lauren squirting her sissy cream into her panties. It was her first time being fully dressed as a sissy girl. She was just so excited and hard through out the session. She was in sissy heaven and I was there to hold her hand. A lovely day.

Sissy Lauren has become much more feminine and docile and very much ready for further training. Maid training can be very intense for most sissies. I not only require that all my maids be very good at serving dinner and cocktails to my friends but they must also be able to stay focused on the task at hand when I’m showing off their stiff clitties to my girlfriends. I love to test them by stroking the most sensitive part of their cocks feeling them get harder and beginning to drip and then make them pour a glass of wine with a very steady hand. Some can manage but most are just too excited and spill. Then punishment is order!

For the most part Sissy Lauren did rather well. We did have a few problems however that required I put on three silicone cock rings on her. One around the base of her testicles and penis, one just on the base of her penis and the other on her sensitive cock head. I love putting these on my sissies because I love how it makes their sissy clitties and girly balls look. Their balls look tight and swollen and their cocks are extra hard and throbbing. I just adore having my sissies very, very hard and throbbing with pleasure and desire for more, holding up their little prissy skirts and prancing about showing off how excited they are and what a sissy they are. So very naughty but quite lovely as well.

Just writing this reminds of that lovely session. The movie will be posted soon but here are a few pictures to tide you over.

With affection,

Mrs Loving


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  1. sissy sarah says:

    May 10, 2012 at 10:56 am
    curtsies Dearest Mrs Loving, oooh thank-You so much for being “YOU” Mrs Loving. i do know this post will make a million sissies dream and wish they were Lauren.

    Mrs Loving, how scary exciting to be dressed before You and Guests. Mrs Loving, it makes me dribble too thinking of being edged/denied, then serving wine while everyone can see my frantic state so close to making an accident.

    Then, at last You mercifully secure my princess and pompoms so i will not be making any embarrassing spills.

    While You tighten the rings, i repeat; “Thank-You Mrs Loving, sissies don’t need to cum – sissies collect cum and keep it safely inside always”. But as You wipe my leaking peehole, Everyone knows there is little hope i could get Them served and maintain a proper etiquette.

    Mrs Loving, i dream of being the denied sissy at Your party, who must lick Lauren’s panties clean afterwards.

    Thank-You so much for this excitement.


    ~sissy sarah~

  2. panties says:

    very nice training why dont dress laurens in low cut panties an shave her puic hair too she would look os lovey in pink low cut panties an pink bra too

  3. Mrs. Loving may be the tenderest, gentlest, most understanding lady I’ve ever ‘met’. She has such grace and style in training and bringing her sissies to perfection. What a beautiful page – I’ve been looking for Mrs. L for ages… thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  4. micheleF says:

    Dear Mrs. Loving,

    I’ve been a member of your fantastic site for a month. I’ve saved the videos, stills, and most of the blog posts and comments.

    You (and Ms Simone and Miss de Gray) are very special in your understanding of sissies and feminine males of all varieties. Your joy in seeing males submit to their desires for more and more submission and femininity communicates so clearly.

    I deeply enjoy being dressed and obedient as well as being physically disciplined. Unlike other dominas, you and your friends meet us as valued, even treasured, whole and sexual beings, without the shouted insults that characterize so much femdom on the net.

    So I thank you so very much and I hope you continue. I will be away from the site for a few months, but I shall return.

    micheleFFS (Full Fashion Stockings, my faves)

    Dearest Michele,
    Thanks you for such a lovely note. I do have a wonderful staff of ladies that work with me. They have all had extensive experience in feminizing men and boys. We have also done several sessions together so I know just how committed and skilled they are in the art of sissy feminization.
    I don’t believe sissies should be subjected to harsh and restrictive feminization, unless that is what they need and desire.
    My self and my ladies much prefer a softer more gentle approach. It is so much more enjoyable for us and our sissies consistently have extraordinary cathartic experiences. Their understanding of themselves as sissy beings deepens which can often release years of guilt and shame.
    I’m so please that you found my site particularly erotic for you. I look forward to your return.

    Mrs Loving

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