Sissy Gets Fucked In The Ass By Ms Simone

Sissy gets fucked in the ass by Ms Simone as part of his feminization session.  Sissy is humiliated and teased and still his cock gets hard and erect.  She pulls the pink nylon girlie panties down lubes up his sissy pussy asshole and begin to insert the large black cock into him.  She pushes it deeper and deeper until the sissy moans with pleasure

Sissy Gets Fucked In The Ass By His Mistress

Sissy Gets Fucked In The Ass By His Mistress

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6 Responses to “Sissy Gets Fucked In The Ass By Ms Simone”

  1. carl says:

    that luck has ummmm

  2. crissy says:

    the sissy getting fuck in the asshole with big black cock and the mistress pull downs the sissy pink panties i wish i was there to in my pink panties too

  3. Mr. Pink Panties says:

    Oh what an inspiring picture of that hard black cock in her sissy cunt. It excited me so much that I squirted my pink panties full of warm vanilla pudding without even touching myself. My wife then called her GF and had her listen as I took off my creamy panties and licked, sucked and ate the cum out of the crotch. My wife takes me shopping for “little girl” panties and tells the sales girl that they are for me. The panties are the kind you might find on a little 4 to 5 years old…cotton with flowers or kittycats as designs. You can get them in any size and they are very comfortable and so cute. I love being a little sissy girl for my wife and her girlfriends. They love to make me cum in my panties and then eat the cream out of the crotch. I love to hear them laugh and giggle and it is so exciting to have one or more of her GFs watching when my wife puts on her strappy and turns my asshole into a “little girl” sissy cunt. The picture made me SO hot and SO hard. Thank you so much.

  4. mrsmanuellamelton says:

    Dear Miss Loving,
    As i kneel, my taught powder white ass seductively presented, my clamped nipples sensually rubbing on the flowered pillow beneath me as You slide Your lubed finger into me preparing this sissies tight little asshole to be violated by Your huge black cock. In anticipation i squirm and tremble tensing as You thrust deep. Moaning turns to screaming out Your name You cup my tiny ballettes in Your warm hands fondling them You command me, “Squirt for Me my little sissy slave” i obey immediately as i take all of Your cock the final thrust in, my pink silky panties receiving my girl juices for You. You caress my face and ask me, “Who owns you bitch?” i answer muffled through the wet silk as You place the panties in my mouth, i clean them…Yours Truly, manuella

  5. Carol vs120 says:

    I need that done by sissy

  6. kathyann23ts says:

    Because,I live with 2 Mistresses 24/7. They use strap-ons on me quite regular. I must say since I have been with them for a long time now. I really enjoy it a lot when they pump me with long & deep strokes with their long, thick black rubber cocks.

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