Mrs Loving With Two Sissy Crossdressers

Mrs Loving has done hundreds of feminization session with crossdressing men.  She has found it important that every sissy has extensive anal training.  The idea of receiving a finger, dildo or cock in the ass or sissy pussy is a fantasy of most every sissy and it has become a specialty of Mrs Loving.  If you’re a member of the site then you’ve seen Mrs Loving using her finger or a dildo and even her strap on. but you’ve never seen this.
Mrs Loving has two sissies on their knees with their panties pulled down and their asses in the air..waiting.  Mistress lubricated both of their pussies and then began the slow playing and teasing of Sissy clitties and balls.

Mrs Loving with a hand full of sissy clitties

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6 Responses to “Mrs Loving With Two Sissy Crossdressers”

  1. crissy says:

    hi there they very nice in there red an pink panties and there lovey slips that they are wearing and miss loving to pull down there panties and playing with there cocks too i wish i was there with my panties and miss loving playing with my cock too

  2. Riordan says:


  3. Viji says:

    Hi, I was very much interested on seeing the pictures of this particular video because I usually get turn on by seeing males with feminine long hair. And the two sissies here sporting very long hair in a feminine way..wonderful..

  4. davidb201 says:

    Nice to see Mrs L so commandingly in charge. It must be especially nice to have Mrs L milking you from behind like this with the slippery fabric of your silky panties as well as her well practiced hand stimulating your cock.

  5. Sissy girl says:

    I have never seen anything as sexy as that clip of the two sissy cocks being pulled back between their legs for their milking by Mrs Loving. I am now having trouble concentrating on anything else!

  6. JackieOhNo says:

    I wish she was pulling on stuff.I would perform any duty she could ask
    of a faithful sissy maid.Mrs Lovings,you are so beautiful and you enjoy
    making people,maids,slaves,sissies so happy to be under your care.
    Some day I’ll get to San Francisco just for the honor to be in your presence. Life Is Great. Love JackieOhNo

    Dear JackieOhNo.
    I’m looking forward to meeting on your trip to San Francisco.

    Mrs Loving

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