Crossdressing Sissy is Pantied For the First time

Mrs Loving has a new sissy and she’s getting him ready for his first session of feminization training and sissy sexualization.  First she must him out of his ugly harsh boys clothing.  Mrs loving loves men’s bodies and she loves feminizing them by dressing them in panties and other frilly lace lingerie and women’s clothing.  She especially loves being the first woman to put them into their first pair of women’s nylon panties.  She just loves seeing their sissy cocks getting harder and harder as she raise the panties up their legs and over their hips.  Sometime her sissy are humiliated and embarrassed at getting hard when she panties them.  After all, a real man wouldn’t get an erection if they were made to wear panties.

So there they are hard and excited wearing panties in front of a mature loving accepting woman for the first time.  Now their secret is out.

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