Letter to Mrs Loving

Dear Mrs. Loving,
I would like to be considered as a candidate for sissy feminization training at your home.  I am a 52-year old married male that has been mesmerized by nylon panties and other lingerie since I was seven years old when I discovered the joys of wearing the sister’s crinoline petticoats and wearing, smelling and licking her soiled panties.  I couldn’t even ejaculate yet, but my clitty cock sprang to attention.  I have been addicted ever since, wearing full-cut lacy panties, sexy bras, seamed stockings and garter belts, girdles, half and full slips, corsets, and high heels.  Never really went the dress and makeup route.  Over the years, I have acquired and disposed of numerous panty and lingerie collections.  While my wife isn’t keen on me wearing panties, she has approved of me wearing men’s Covington nylon underwear purchased from Sears.  I usually wear two pair of these panties at a time to experience the smooth, silky feel as the nylon slides nicely.  
Since my youth, I have always had an incredibly kinky imagination which involved and evolved into numerous fetishes.  Of late, the things that really turn me on are chastity and denial (I have a Birdlocked and use to have a Curve), sissy maids, extreme humiliation, cuckolding (my wife did this to me four times early in our marriage), creampie/cum eating out of my wife and my hand, the thought of forced bi (don’t know if I could do it, but it is exciting), and being used anally while in lingerie, locked up and sucking a dildo, pussy or asshole.  I love giving orally and adore rimming and eating out my wife’s ass.  I have received numerous golden showers from her and one other woman in a variety of ways.  I have never been a full toilet although the thought excites me.  Toilet training via multiple panties, diapers and rubber panties is also exciting, especially if I was tied up and “forced” to soil myself.  Teasing and punishment are also important themes. And, naturally wet, sticky, dirty, soiled panties round out the list.  The lacier and dirtier the better.
Your website, to which I have subscribed, seems to focus on all or most of these topics which led me to contact you.  I would be interested in serving as your sissy maid and panty slut or even better serving you and another woman.  I might also be convinced to have another sissy present to play off of the forced bi, sissy sex fantasy that has been brewing in me.
Let me know if you need additional information.  If you are willing to train me as a new feminized sissy maid, let me know the details.
Thank you.
Your Sissy Maid


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