Sissy Husband and Wifes First Training

I’ve just finished filming the first sissy feminization training with a man and his wife.  She had called me asking my advice about her husband.  She had found a large box of very frill women’s clothing in the back of a closet and she didn’t know what to do or think.  The first thing she did was check his pc and found that he has had visited my site.  It was at that point she realized that these frilly clothes were his.  She know her husband was shy and had many feminine characteristic but this was a big surprise.
He was very lucky.  She loved him dearly and want him to be happy and satisfies but she didn’t know what to do and that’s why she called me.
We chatted in the telephone and I told her what I did and how I could be of help to her and her husband.  She scheduled their first session shortly thereafter.
I’ve done many trainings with couples and this was one of the most interesting.  They were both so excited and eager to learn.
I’ll write more about it soon.


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  1. ashley marie eden says:

    Dear Admin, (Mrs. Loving I presume?)
    I was so touched by your story of this dear sweet couple.
    Such support and unconditional love and acceptance.
    Must be sweet wedded bliss!

    Love and best regards to you all… Miss Ashley-Marie Eden.
    (all the way from the Southern coast of Australia)

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