Crossdresser Panty Slave Training

Panty Slave Training
If there is one thing that seems to be true about men that crossdress is that they love panties.  Panties have a special place in the imaginations of many men.  It’s the article of apparel the women wear that catches their imaginations.  They are the concealers of treasures, the protector of fragrances, the holder of round asses, the shaper of the mound and the caresser of full labia. Many of my members have written asking if I have ever done panty slave training.  My answer is simple.  I have trained many many men in the fine art of being a dedicated panty slave.  I must admit that training a willing man to become a panty slave is one of my most favorite activities.
If you have interest in this kind of training then please send me an email and we can arrange a session or two. Here’s what panty slave training will focus on.
First you’ll be asked to take off all your clothes.  Then I’ll dress you in your favorite pair of panties.  As always the fit is always checked and other sizes provided if needed.  You’ll be asked to model for me and any guests that I might have at the time.  While modeling I’ll be asking you about your panty history.  I’ll ask you when you tried on the your first pair of panties and who they belonged to.  We’re they your mother’s, sister’s or maybe the neighbor ladies.  Were they worn or fresh from a panty drawer or clothes line?  Did you smell them, wrap them around your cock and masturbate into them?  Do you still wear that same style now? This is just to get started.  To full train a panty slave I’ll eventually need to know everything about your panty love.  This is just the very first step.


2 Responses to “Crossdresser Panty Slave Training”

  1. sissy vanessa says:

    Dear Ms Loving,
    Not to fast forward my training but i do want to let You know how grateful i am to find Your site. i am the owned property of a Mistress (wife) for 40 years and my identity has been sharred by Her with Her Sister who lives in San Francisco who We/we plan to visit this year.

    Do You do in person training? If so i would like to be considered for Higher education when We/we visit.

    In the mean time i would humbly request that i be allowed to contact You via phone or fe.mail to begin my training process. i do not wish to replace the Mistress who owns me–nor would i be allowed to do so. i would like to hve it confirmed by Female Authority (You) that my only position in life is to be enslaved and sissified by a Mistress. If You would like to broaden my allowed vision of life to another pair of shiny heels which i have been trained to concentrate my eyes on when i am in the presence of Female Authority please fe.mail me.

    In submission,
    slave vanessa

  2. linda says:

    i use stayups and stockings high heel 7cm and i need you for training

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