Training A Wife To Feminize Her Husband

I’ve been training sissies for a very long time now and every once in awhile a case comes along that is especially challenging, unusual and especially sexy and hot.  This was such a case.  My newest client, Mrs Martin, came to see me because she was sure that her husband was a sissy but was afraid to talk to him about it.  She loved her husband and wanted him to know that she would support him no matter what.  But she had many concerns.  She didn’t know anything about having a sissy husband even though she had tried to find out about it online.  The information there was sparse and tended to suggest severe humiliation and punishment was called for.  I told her there were many ways to work with her husband and that I preferred a soft gentle style training that seemed to get better results.  This husband was lucky because most wives, when they discover their husband is a sissy, get scared and don’t know what to do.  Mrs Martin was open to new ideas and wanted her husband to be happy and satisfied. She readily agreed to the terms of my trainings.  She had to agree to at least one training session a month for one years and to do all the homework assignments.     We discussed the sexual aspects of the training, meaning that I would keep her husband in a heightened state of sexual desire. She would learn those techniques as a means of controlling her husband. She came to my flat a week later.  Her knock was soft and timid.  I invited her in and lead her to the sun porch where we sat and shared a pot of hot tea. She was looked quit sweet wearing a t shirt and a denim skirt.  Not my taste but very pretty never the less. She was nervous so the get the interview moving forward I asked her to explain how she came to think that her husband might be a sissy.  Mrs Martin explained that she was searching for a small movie that her brother had sent her and suddenly a movie popped up and began to play.  She stared in disbelief, not knowing what to think or what to feel.  She was seeing a man wearing a little girls party dress complete with petticoat and frilly pink pantie.  His cock was red and hard and sticking straight out of the soft petticoat.  There was an older woman sitting down in front him stroking and rubbing his cock.  She was talking about milking his sissy cock so that she could see his sissy cock squirt.
She replayed the movie over and over imagining her husband standing there in that dress.  At first she thought that maybe this movie had been part of adult spam email. When she checked his computer directories she found another 25 movies from Mrs Loving’s site.  She watched them all finding her self strangely drawn to the highly erotic training sessions.
She had noticed that her husband had been plucking his eyebrows and until now thought he was going a little overboard on his grooming. He had begun to shave his legs telling her the hair made him itchy. Now she knew what was really going on, well at least she thought she did.  
The next thing she did was check the closets and the basement to see if her hunch was right. After two hours of looking she found a box buried in the back of rack of tools in the garage.  She opened it and her jaw dropped as she pulled the little pink satin party dress out first.  It was dripping with lace and bows, slippery and soft tot he touch.  Next came a pair of matching panties and little bra. She tried to imagine her husband dressing and masturbating and it made her a bit sad.  There was a part of her husband that she didn’t know and that he had chosen not to share with her.  She loved him and knew immediately that she wanted to fully immerse her self into this part of his life.  That’s when she called Mrs Loving for advice.


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  1. sunny panties says:

    This hit a soft (or hard) spot with me.

    My wife sometimes likes it when I put on panties or even bra or half slip for sex and fantasy sessions.

    She likes to put her finger into my panties and up my ass.

    She also likes to gently pull my bra off in the dark and lick my breasts.

    When I have the panties and bra on and go down on her, she really likes to “hide” me in my panties and lick me like a woman while I make her cum.

    Then, she wants me to move the panties aside, but not take them off nor the bra, and screw her very hard.

    What I can’t get her to accept yet (but think she’d be willing) is to let us go out and my show some bra/slip publicly or at least wear panties/pantyhose and flirt with waiters and other men.

    I’ve shaved my chest and legs a few times and then put panties and bra on and a couple of times made sure I wore her soft blue bra and panties, when I knew she knew; made sure I slowly changed my clothes in front of her; she didn’t say anything, but looked me up and down and then really wanted hard sex when I came to bed.

    What do you wives think she’d do if I simply insisted on wearing ALL of her clothes: panties/bras/slips/pantyhose, but also skirts and blouses/heels and asked her to trim my eyelashes and brows, put lipstick on me and go out together?

    She has had one or two lesbian encounters both before and after we have been married, so think she’s ok with making it with women and gender mix up, but somehow it’s a major obstacle to go out with a man dressed like a woman.

    What do you advise, Ladies?

  2. Ms Simone says:

    I think you should find a club or bar that has drag shows and take her there. If she likes it tell her you would like to go another time dressed as a woman.
    It’s a start

  3. graham says:

    ijust wish some lady would turn me into sissy wife be dress all the time as a girl

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