Men Who Come To Me For Panty Play, Sissy Play, Forced Feminization or Sissy Maid Training

Are you a panty lover?  What turns you on about panties?  What do imagine doing while wearing women’s panties?  Does wearing panties make you feel like a sissy?  Or does it embarrass or humiliate you to be forced to wear panties?  Are you a macho guy who secretly longs for the feel of satiny panties caressing your balls? Do you dream of a loving, dominant woman ordering you to strip for her and then put on a pair of panties as the first step in a forced feminization scene?  
    These are the kinds of questions I ask men who come to me for panty play, sissy play, forced feminization, sissy maid training, or any other delightful and naughty form of cross-dressing that tickles their fancy (or their balls…). It turns me on to hear a man tell me what he likes about wearing panties and gives me hints as to how I may embarrass him, since embarrassment or humiliation can be deliciously erotic, when applied lovingly.      There are  many ways to play with panties.  What’s your fantasy?  What get’s you hard?  Think about it.  Dream about it. Take off those boxers or jockeys and slip on a pair of silky, lacy panties and let the panties guide you as you let yourself drift into the fantasy of your choice.


2 Responses to “Men Who Come To Me For Panty Play, Sissy Play, Forced Feminization or Sissy Maid Training”

  1. sissy maryanne says:

    Dear Mrs Loving,

    I am very excited how you train your sissy and was wondering if you accept other sissys to come to you for pretty sissy training and peepee milking.

    You seem to be so sensitive to such sissy needs I would love to talk with you and hopefully visit you some time.

    sissy maryanne

  2. blossom says:

    I love it when I slip into a pair of panties. They feel sexy and make me feel sexy. I am part turned on because I know it is not something that men do. But I don’t feel like a man. Wearing panties allows me to get in touch with my woman in me that longs to come out and play. I love it when dominant women really bring out my inner cock-sucking slut.

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