Dressing Him In A Sweet Ruffley Little Girls Party Dress-Part 3

“You’re not wearing any girls’ panties are you?” I ask.  Monika looks down, vigorously shaking her head. “Only girls wear girls’ panties,” she insists.  “Hmmm, well we’ll find out soon enough, “ I say.      “I’m going to take your clothes off,” I say, unbuttoning the straps of her overalls, letting the bib hang down.  I feel her chest and belly through her t-shirt and pull the overalls down to the floor. She is wearing white satin girls’ panties with ruffles on the back! Of course I’m not too surprised.  
    “Those look like girs’ panties to me!” I exclaim.  She smiles sheepishly.  “Kick those nasty boy overalls to the side and bend over this chair. I want to check out these panties.” I command.  She leans over the chair.  “Get your legs apart,” I say, slapping her inner thighs.


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