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Transformed From boy to Girl

What A Pretty Girl He Makes

Updated 11/13/2013

Our Latest Full Length Feature Movie

He's on his way to becoming a full time woman but that doesn't mean he knows to behave as one. Mistress Rain makes him try on three dress, crinolines and of course bra and panties. She gets him dress and names him Michelle. she in no longer a man but a girl in service to Mistress Rain. Mistress Rain says that all her holes on going to be trained for service. She start with Michelle's asshole. Michelle had never had anything in his ass but Mistress Rain is patient and takes her time getting Michelle's ass warmed up with one and then two finger in her asshole. Soon Michelle has the whole dildo inside of her.


Mature Female Domination At Its Best

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Mistress Simone Panty Smothers Sissy

Mistress Simone Panty Smothers Sissy Slut

Full Length Feature Movie

Sissy Lauren is in big trouble for not doing what she's told.  Ms Simone is already angry and ready to dish out some sissy crossdresser punishment.  This session begins with Ms Simone making Sissy Lauren prance and pose like a girl slut lifting her dress and showing off her nylon panty bulge.  Ms Simone teases and humiliates Sissy by making fun of the little soft cock tucked into the folds of the panty gusset.  "Bend over slut.  Show me you ass. spread your checks so I can see your hole, your pussy girl hole."  Ms Simone take her anger out on Sissy by slapping her girly cock and pulling her around the room with it.  Mistress spanks, flogs and slaps Sissy Lauren until her ass checks are red, warm and glowing.

femdom mistress slaps sissy's cock             female domination means panty face sitting             sissy is anally fucked by mistress and jerked            panty face sitting and forced milking

Showing Off Sissy Allyson To Ms Simone

Showing Off Sissy Allyson

Updated 01/18/2013:Episode 6 Now Showing

We've just finished filming our latest movie. The three of us had more sexy fun than you can imagine. I've had several feminization sessions with Sissy Allyson and she had one session, very long ago, with Ms Simone and another with Ms Rain.  Sissy Allyson has come a very, very long way since then and I am so extremely happy with her progress. She's becoming a beautiful lovely young woman and a very hot sissy. She's learned about grooming, hair removal, make up and hair. She's much more feminine, docile and graceful and of course sweet tempered and ready to please and service. I was excited to show her off.

Ms Simone And I Are Enjoying Sissy Allyson's Excited And Hard Girl Cock

I have spent many hours training Allyson and I know her very, very well. I know how to touch her in ways that make her clitty jump. I know just how hard she gets before she squirts her sissy cream. I even know how far her come shoots in the air. I know what lingerie to put her in to make her hard. I know exactly how to touch her clitty to keep her hard. I know what to whisper in her ear to make her cock jump and twitch. I know how to milk her big girly cock and get her sissy cream out TWICE in a session.
Watch and listen as I reintroduce Ms Simone to Sissy Allyson. I just adored getting Sissy hard and engorged before Ms Simone walked into the room. You'll love seeing this. The three of us spent two hours together. We were all exhausted after we made Sissy Allyson come the second time but it was worth it. Seeing that girl squirt her cream is a marvel to behold.
I'll be posting some photos from the movie until the editing is complete.

Her sissy balls feel so good in my hands. I love holding them  like this              Allyson nice and hard for Ms Simone             I adore seeing her prance like a little girl for us             Inspecting her ass before anal training        

Sissy In A Pink Slip

Mrs Loving's New Favorite Sissy

This movie "Sissy In A Pink Girly Slip" begin with me finishing Allyson's make up and then taking of her boy clothes. I try a few different panties on her then find just the perfect white bra followed by the slip. I made her walk around the room wiggling her hips and ass. I adored seeing her hard clitty cock bouncing as she modeled for me.

We end this session with one of the best milking I've filmed. I love putting the three latex cock rings on her beautiful cock and then ad lots of slippery lube. Sissy Allyson is young with a strong health body. I so love to see her sissy cream squirting and gushing from her very hard cock and I think you will too.

Crossdresser being dressed in white bra          
Crossdresser is his pretty pink slip          
crossdressing sissy ready to be pantied by mrs loving
          hard excited crossdresser with huge erection


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Ms Rain Returns

Ms Rain Returns

Sissy Allyson Is Ready To Meet Her Demands

Rain Degrey loves to feminize boys and men. She has been enjoying dressing them up, putting on their make up, painting their nails and toes and then making them service her before she fucks them with her strap on cock. Fucking sissy boys and men is Rain's favorite sexual activity.
Rain DeGrey is very different from Mrs Loving. They compliment each others skills very nicely. While Mrs Loving is gentle and nurturing Rain DeGrey is stern and forceful. Mrs loving is kind and sweet while Rain humiliates and demands. Crossdressers and sissies come in every size, shape and color as well as passions, desires and fantasies. Some sissies need kind, gentle and nurturing care from their Mistress. Other sissies need a much firmer hand. They need a woman they can submit to. A woman they want and need to obey. For those sissies Mistress Rain DeGrey is the woman they need to show them the way to their ultimate sissyhood.
You can see Rain DeGrey here on MrsLovings-Sissy-Feminization.com and PantyClub4Men.com

In this movie Rain's training of Sissy Allyson continues. I don't think that Sissy Allison was prepared for what came to him. The scene where she fucks his mouth with her strap on is rough, furious and very, very real.


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Mrs Loving's Maid Training

Maid Training For Sissy Lauren

Our Latest Full Length Feature Movie

Sissy Lauren has become much more feminine and docile and very much ready for further training. Maid traing can be very intense for most sissies. I not only require that all my maids be very good at serving dinner and cocktails to my friends but they must also be able to stay focused on the task at hand when I'm showing off their stiff clitties to my girlfriends. i love to test them by stroking the most sensitive part of their cocks feeling them get harder and beginning to drip and then make them pour a glass of wine with a very steady hand. Some can manage but most are just too excited and spill. Then punishment is order!

For the most part Sissy Lauren did rather well. We did have a few problems however that required I put on three silicone cock rings on her. One around the base of her testicles and penis, one just on the base of her penis and the other on her sensitive cock head. i love putting these on my sissies because they make I love how it make their sissy clitties and girly balls look. Their balls look tight and swollen and their cocks are extra hard and throbbing. I just adore having my sissies very, very hard and throbbing with pleasure and desire for more, holding up their little prissy skirts and prancing about showing off how excited they are and what a sissy they are. So very naughty but quite lovely as well.


The Best Site For Forced Feminization, Female Domination, Forced Sissification, Femdom and Sissy Crossdresser Fiminization Videos

Mrs Loving's Cock And Ball Torture

Mrs Loving At Her Severe Best

Our Latest Full Length Feature Movie

Mrs Loving is surprised at how grown up and pretty Monika has become. She's also surprised to find that Monika has forgotten some of her earlier lessons.  Especially about being respectful. Monika misbehaves and must submit to Mrs Loving's harsh cock and balls treatment. It begins with tight latex bands she snaps around his balls and the head of her clit. Monika gets very hard and excited by the punishment and her cock grows very, very hard.  Mrs Loving teases and slaps it just for her own amusement.

A dildo and finger in her sissy asshole and then a strap on fucking and milking from Mrs Loving warm and capable hands

femdom training at it very best
forced feminization of crossdresser
sissy forced to submit to spanking
the ultimate forced crossdressing strap on fucking

The Best Site For Forced Feminization, Female Domination, Forced Sissification, Femdom and Sissy Crossdresser Feminization Videos

Sissy Caught In Aunties Panties

Caught in Aunties Panties

Full Length Feature Movie

Sissy Lauren is caught wearing and masturbating in his Auntie's Panties and sent to femdom specialist Mrs Loving, for serious feminization and sissification training.  Sissy is first spanked for wearing his aunts panties and then he is dressed in bra and panties and a little pink puffy dress.  He is taught how to put on stockings and prance around like a sissy should.

Mrs Loving has fun with her sweet sissy humiliating and embarrassing him because he is hard and excited in his panties. Make up come next with bright red lips and cheeks, so slutty. Mrs Loving always includes anal dildo training in preparation for strap on fucking. Over her lap and her finger goes in his ass. The session ends with Mrs Loving sitting on sissy Laurens face with her panty gusset making him sniff and lick it. Then, then she makes his cock hard and milks it. This is one of the hottest milking scenes ever.

femdom Mistress Loving and her sissy being dressed              teased and humiliated crossdressing sissy             sissy bends over for his cock milking             Femdom Mistress milks a sissy clitty cock        

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